YappyMemory 120*60 mattress

Length: 120cm
Width: 60cm
Thickness: 9cm
Delivery price : 1,00 EUR
Delivery time in Baltics : 2-5 business days
Delivery time in Germany : 5-8 Tage
Product Code: 208

YappyKids is a Latvian brand!


The team of YappyKids has created a brand new and innovative YappyMemory mattress for your baby to enjoy a tighter and healthier sleep. The baby not only relaxes during sleep, but also develops and grows, so the best shall be ensured for the child to grow healthy and strong.

YappyMemory mattress is orthopaedic, anti-allergic and it provides a healthy and sound sleep for the baby from birth until the baby crib is no longer in use.


YappyMemory is a two-sided mattress. We use seaweed on one (rigid) side of the inner block and memory foam that adapts to the child's body and takes the best shape for sleeping on the other (softer) side.


Mattress filling:

 - seaweed, rich in iodine and minerals. Strengthens the immune system of the child, as well as ensures a healthy sleep;

 - flexible polyurethane foam containing eco-friendly anti-allergic material provides great flexibility. It is orthopaedic and retains the shape for a very long time;

 - memory foam consisting of eco-friendly material, without pressure adapts to the body, while the baby is sleeping.


A mattress cover with Aloe Vera, which will ensure air permeability, temperature adjustment and proper microclimate. It can be removed and washed in a washing machine.


And of course, if you place an order at our online shop, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase within 14 (fourteen) days without mentioning a reason. We are confident in our products!


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