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Crafting Dreams for Young Explorers Since 2015

At YappyKids, we have been dedicated to the art of curating exceptional children s furniture, textiles, and mattresses since 2015. Our story begins with the Frolovs, a family-driven business nestled in the heart of Latvia. For us, YappyKids is more than just a brand; it is a labor of love, a testament to our commitment to quality, and a journey we embark on each day to make childhood a dream come true.

Our Journey

The Frolovs, with their relentless passion for crafting the best for your little ones, have been the driving force behind YappyKids. We understand that children s spaces need to be more than just functional; they need to be enchanting and safe, igniting the spark of imagination.

Rooted in Latvia, Adored Worldwide

From our humble beginnings in Latvia, we ve grown to serve the dreams of children and parents across the globe. With a firm footing in our native land, we ve spread our wings to export our products to over 15 countries. YappyKids has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and a touch of Latvian charm.

A World of Imagination Awaits

With YappyKids, you are not just buying furniture, textiles, or mattresses. You are investing in a world of dreams where your childs  imagination knows no bounds. Welcome to YappyKids, where childhood is an adventure waiting to happen.

Our Mission

At YappyKids, our mission is to craft childhood wonder. We design and produce high-quality children s furniture, textiles, and mattresses that inspire creativity, nurture safe spaces, and bring joy to families worldwide.

Join us in making dreams come true. Explore our enchanting collections today.