YappySmart drawer, light grey

Length: 1185mm
Depth: 615mm
Heigth: 225mm
Product Code: 302
Available Colors

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YappyKids is a Latvian registered trademark!

YappySmart today is the best known and the most thought through solution for keeping baby essentials. Judge your-self:

1. YappySmart drawer has its own wheels and it can be used under a cot or located in any place of your house;

2. After your baby will grow up, you can use YappySmart anyway as a box for keeping toys;

3. YappySmart has an unique lid that prevents dust to go into a drawer;

4. Yappy Smart lid can be opened to a half as well. This can be very useful if your cot is located near to parent's bed and you don't have enough space to take out the drawer fully;

Material: birch (lid from 8mm birch)

Suitable for any YappyKids cot.

On wheels.

YappySmart: lid can be opened fully or to a half.

Water based paints and varnishes.