Premium YappyEco 120*60 mattress

Length: 120cm
Width: 60cm
Thickness: 9cm
Product Code: 288

YappyKids team of experts has created a 100% natural mattress, which uses the most exclusive ecologic materials currently available.

This mattress has multiple layers, which guarantee amazing comfort and the necessary rigidity for baby to grow up healthy.

Mattress’ core contains two layers – each approximately 3 cm thick – horse bristle and sisal. They guarantee the rigid form of the mattress and at the same also provide the much-needed elasticity and resilience.

Horse bristle creates a perfect microclimate and provides comfort at various temperatures. Also, this material dries very quickly, which is very important for children’s mattresses.

Sisal is a natural, very durable fiber, which is obtained from agave leaves. It maintains a good microclimate and provides good ventilation. It is also quiet – when baby is moving around the bed – there won’t be any unnecessary noises that could wake them up.

Both of these layers are covered – with camel wool on one side and cotton on the other.

Camel wool has great thermoregulation – it will provide the baby with good sleep both during hot and cold weather.

Cotton helps with air circulation so the body does not sweat as much.

Mattress’ cover is created from bamboo. It will surprise you with its amazing softness. Bamboo has antibacterial elements, which are located in its fibers and does not allow bacteria to multiply.