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YappyMiniPocket mattress 160*80

 YappyMiniPocket mattress 160*80  
280,00 €
Length: 160 cm
Width: 80 cm
Thickness: 12 cm
Delivery price : 1,00 EUR
Delivery time in Baltics : 2-5 business days
Delivery time in EU: 5-8 business days
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YappyMiniPocket mattress

Size: 160 x 80 cm

YappyKids adds a high-quality and functional mattress to its range of mattresses - with a spring system specially designed and shortened for children.

Unlike other spring systems, the spring design of 'mini pocket' allows each individual spring to operate completely regardless of the ones next to it. It gives the mattress many advantages, such as it takes the shape of the body very well so that it supports the body very precisely. As well as reducing mattress movement. Due to the small space of the cavity in the spring cover, the bed is provided with natural ventilation, maintaining its performance properties for a long time.

For these functions to be provided, each spring is inserted into its own fabric pocket and then joined together.

Mattress filling:

HR foam block – a material of high flexibility and advanced endurance foam that stands out with its longevity.

Mini Pocket springs - Since 'mini pocket' springs are designed to be slightly compressed, they keep their comfort and height much longer than fibers. That means the mattress will serve longer.

Cocos fibre - especially resistant to natural material, which provides one side of the mattress more rigid than the other.

Mattress cover: innovative fabric thread weaving provides maximum air circulation. The fabric is steamed with unwoven fiber.

Care (of the mattress cover): 

✔ Machine washable at 30-40°C

✔ Do NOT bleach

✔ Ironing on medium heat

✔ Hang dry

✔ Do not dry clean

280,00 €
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