YappyWool 120*60 mattress

Length: 120cm
Width: 60cm
Thickness: 9cm
Product Code: 52
Available Colors

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YappyKids is a registered trademark by Latvian Patent Association!

YappyWool is a two-sided mattress produced by YappyKids in Europe. It has 6 cm coconut layer on one side for inner block and 2 cm special block imbued with natural wool on the other side.
No glue is used in production.

Size : 120 x 60 cm.
Thickness = 9cm.

We recommend for a child to sleep on coconut side till 1.5 years old, than you can rotate a mattress to a softer wool side.

What are the key points to choose YappyWool mattress?

1. Wool in our mattress would always show better performance in keeping child’s warmth in autumn and winter.

2. Wool is electrically neutral material. As a result, the mattress and the child's body do not get the charge, remain neutral.

3. Medicinal properties. The structure of the wool fibers include natural wool wax. This is a substance that is often used in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic drugs, acts on receptors of the skin, triggering regeneration processes on the surface and accelerating the healing of scratches, cuts and other injuries.

We produce mattress cover from 100% cotton (with a zipper), which can be washed in a washing machine at 40 C.

Our cotton also has OEKO TEX certification.

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