YappyGum bumper, grey

Product Code: 194

Our new YappyGum cot bumpers do not only create a sense of security for a baby in a big cot, but is also a great addition to the interior of the room. Our YappyKids experts, following the latest trends in children's bedrooms, have particularly thought of making useful also beautiful at the same time!

The structure of the cot bumper is designed so that it should not be secured with ties to the rail of the cot, thus allowing the bumper to be arranged in different positions within the cot.

YappyGum cot bumper will be great to serve also as a nest (babynest) since its size and design provide for the possibility to create any shape.

Length of the cot bumper - 240 cm

Washing at 40 degrees

Material: 100% cotton (knitwear - no ironing, no wrinkles)

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