YappyMove baby cot, WHITE

Length: 1265 mm
Height: 960 mm
Width: 680 mm
Product Code: 184
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YappyKids - Latvian trade mark.

YappyMove bed description

     After your baby is born, not only does he or she meet the parents, the new home and the world, but also adapts to a completely different environment and physical condition. While being in mother’s womb, the baby is rocked, but after birth it is put into bed, where he or she spends most of the first months of his or her life - and it does not move. YappyKids team has paid special care to make YappyMove rocking bed so that the baby would find it easier to adapt to the new environment.

 Why choose YappyMove in particular?

  • 1. The baby will have it easier to fall asleep and adapt to the new environment.  
  • 2. It alleviates nursing of the baby both for the mom and dad; they do not need to do rock him or her to sleep every evening on hands.  
  • 3. The rocking angle corresponds to the safety conditions to prevent the baby from falling out.   
  • 4. The bed moves smoothly depending on the applied rocking force, so that the parents may easily control the movement to avoid it becoming too intense.
  • 5. Rocking is done parallel to the floor, instead of waves, making it more comfortable and easy.
  • 6. The bed may be fixated so that it would be completely stable and would not move.
  • 7. YappyMove has an integrated compact drawer-box with telescopic guide tracks and two compartments so that everything necessary would be right at hand. Besides, the box also has a lid to prevent dust accumulation.  

 Summary of functions:

  • - Natural solid wood material:  beech (comparable to oak in terms of durability)
  • - One hand operated dropside
  • - 3 base mattress heights
  • - Rocking parallel to the floor (with the possibility of fixating the bed so that it does not move)
  • - Integrated drawer with lid
  • - YappyLong-Life: 3 removable laths in the fixated side wall
  • - YappyProtection: special plastic covers
  • - Water-based warmish and paint

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