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YappyÉtude baby cot, WHITE

460,00 €
Length: 125 cm
Height: 89 cm
Width: 68 cm
Delivery price : 1,00 EUR
Delivery time in Baltics : 2-5 business days
Delivery time in EU : 5-8 business days
Product Code: 303
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Beware of fakes! YappyÉtude collection from the manufacturer YappyKids is protected by patent no. D 15 855


 YappyÉtude - The first cot in the world where the mattress base can be placed at an angle. It will reduce the symptoms of colds, help digestion and support your baby's breathing.

YappyÉtude collection

An etude is a piece of music designed to develop technical skills. Our YappyÉtude collection is a collection of skills developed by YappyKids together with filigree beautiful designs.

As a beautiful music YappyÉtude collection of furniture for the children's room will make the room more enjoyable for the eyes and everyday more comfortable.


The YappyÉtude cot has specially designed, rounded sides that make it different from other cots. It has four mattress base heights, as well as an innovative option to place the mattress at a 3-degree angle. An oblique sleeping position is often recommended to relieve cold symptoms, toothache and ear pain. The oblique sleeping posture also promotes digestion and supports the baby's breathing.

The side edge can be lowered with one hand, and it is also possible to remove this side completely to make the cot more comfortable to use.

The bed is made of high-quality beech, the paint and varnish are water-based.

The bed fits standard 120x60 cm mattresses.

In addition, it is possible to buy wheels.

460,00 €
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