YappyLa:le cot, natural

Length: 1390mm
Height: 1020mm
Width: 685mm
Product Code: 50
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YappyKids is a registered trademark by Latvian Patent Association.

YappyLa:le - is the highest production achievement by YappyKids. The name "La:le" translated from East Asian languages means a tulip. If you look on a cot from a direct angle you will notice a slowly blossoming flower. This tulip YappyKids has fullfilled with its love in all small details. The elegant shortend is reinforced by curved massive wood slats, fixed sided is top covered by beautiful wavy decor. You will be amazed by our new dropside toddler rail - it also comes in a set.

Take a look at YappyLa:limage video (4K quality). Turn ON sound:

Material: exclusive beech wood 

Recommended mattress size: 120x60cm

In a set is included toddler rail with a dropside

3 mattress base levels

One hand operated dropside

YappyProtection: special teething rails
YappyLuxCastors: Italian rubber wheels with a brake

Made according to standard: EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013
Water-based varnish and paints

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