Light grey YappyStar baby cot and Light grey YappyClassic dresser

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YappyKids is a registered trademark by Latvian Patent Association.

YappyStar in light grey color is LIMITED edition baby cot by YappyKids.

All edges are specially rounded. In treatment are used only water based paints and varnishes. Main advantage is that you can take off one long side of a cot, so your baby sleeps next to you.

Product is made according to: EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013.

Material: solid wood

Recommended mattress size: 120x60cm

One removable long side

3 mattress base levels

YappyProtection: special teething rails

YappyPlastic castors: Classical plastic wheels with a brake
YappyLong-life: 3 removable slats on a fixed side

Made according to standard: EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013
Water-based varnish and paints

Hights for the mattress base:

1. height : 55 cm ( on wheels) + 9 cm mattress

2. height : 41 cm ( on wheels) + 9 cm mattress

3. height : 28 cm ( on wheels )  + 9 cm mattress

The YappyClassic dresser is created to be both visually appealing and compliant with the security standards.

Paying attention to its rectangular shape, one can notice that all of its corners are rounded, that way preventing your toddler from being injured.

The 3 drawers built into the chest will provide plenty of space for all of your necessities. The drawer guides are telescopic, which makes it possible to open them to the very rear.

The set comes with a changing pad, 75x55cm in size.

It can be attached from both the left and the right side.

The changing pad surface is removable, so that when your baby grows up, there would be no need to change the dresser.

Material: MDF / Birch

Water-based paints and varnish

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