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dresser YappyLoft

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Length: 1050 mm
Height: 900 mm
Width: 550 mm
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YappyKids is a brand from Latvia!


Exclusive YappyLoft furniture collection represents the unique style of industrial aesthetics in the world of furniture for kids. By creating our new collection in collaboration with the team of experts from TL Design, we managed to create unique fusion of the natural beauty of fine and inartificial materials with the complex structural elements of the loft-style.

As a result, we managed to reach not only the highest level of comfort for your baby but created the unique atmosphere of the visual and tactile pleasure.


The part made from oak represents the ground. The ground is the source of fertility and the beginning of everything that is full of power, endurance, reliability, and stability. The blue element made from liquid glass represents the water of the Gauja. We all know that water is the source and the main support of life.

Innovation - The changing surface of the chest of drawers is rotatable by 360 degrees and fixes in several positions.

We create each and every YappyLoft with our hands by 100%.



Composition: oak, medium density fibreboard, liquid glass and metal

All paints and lacquers are water-based

- Production process of liquid glass we use in YappyLoft
- Premiere of YappyLoft set in Cologne, Kind&Jugend 2019 fair: 
YappyLoft dressers rotating changing top: 
1 550,00 €
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